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The Living Poetry Project

Nicelle Davis is also the director of The Living Poetry Project. In attempts to have poetry everywhere and anywhere, The Living Poetry Project endeavors to build community by collaborating with students and artists with the hope of introducing people to art. That is, giving poems to construction workers; or surprising shoppers with hidden poems in the pockets of jeans on a store’s sale rack; burning a Rumi poem into small pieces of wood left scattered in a restaurant; or writing a poem on a T-shirt and give it away. The Living Poetry Project reimagines poetry’s influence within the everyday, waiting to enliven and deepen a momentary and isolated experience. 

The Living Poetry Project Presents: Elephants

This year’s venture is one of the most ambitious Living Poetry Projects to date.

I recently made my son a hand-stitched love-poem Elephant (see photo below). This Elephant was made with ear pockets large enough to hold a folded note. Because an Elephant never forgets, it will always keep its love-messages safe.


My son would like to keep Elephants safe. He is convinced we can help save the Elephants by offering these little creatures for adoption.

I will sew and distribute a Poem-Elephant for every $35 raised for Elephant conservation. I would like to send 100 hand-stitched Poetry-Elephants into the wild. This would mean $3,500 raised in the next 6 months, along with conservation awareness. Here is how it works:

1. Donate to any of the following organizations




2. Send me conformation of your contribution (email me a screenshot / receipt / email conformation / whatever you feel comfortable sharing)

3. In your email, tell me if you would like your elephant to:

                A. be snail-mailed to a loved one

                B. be set free at the AWP book fair in Tampa on March 7 – 10, 2018

If you would like to help, but monetary giving is beyond your pocketbook, consider submitting a poem to the Living Poetry Project to place in the ear-pocket of a Poetry-Elephant.

Want to give and give again, adopt a Poetry-Elephant and submit a poem!

My email is nicellecdavis@gmail.com. Please send Poetry-Elephant Adoption requests and Submit Elephant-love-poems to me by February 15, 2018. 

I’m also donating $5 for every copy of Elephants that is purchased. (There are only a few copies left, but I’m hoping to raise $400 with this project.) Copies of Elephants can be purchased here: http://www.businessbearpress.com/2017/08/21/elephants-by-nicelle-davis-and-cheryl-gross/

Best to You and Elephants,

Nicelle and JJ Davis

The Living Poetry Project at AWP

The Living Poetry Project finds ways to fit poets into its suitcase. This project turns poems into objects that can be given as gifts at the Conference. It is designed for poets, who wouldn't be able to go otherwise, to have a presence (in the form of a present) at the conference.   


Living Poetry Project: Poetry Protest Postcards 




Postcards and art supplies will be provided for the community to help them voice their concerns about the current political climate. A list of local and national representatives will be provided. This is a great time and space for people to gather information and learn where and how they’d like to address their voice. 


Email me at nicellecdavis@gmail.com and I'll send you a postcard party kit.



is looking to print another handful of poems on postcards for a Poetry Postcard Party. Please email your poems to nicellecdavis@gmail.com.

The Living Poetry Project would love to have your poems featured on these cards. Your words will be the front facing art.

Be mindful that the blank side of these cards will be used for people to write their local and national representatives about a wide range of concerns. If you want your card to ONLY BE USED for specific concerns, you will need to say so in your submission.

This project will be a collaboration in broadest sense. If you are feeling brave, this is the project for you.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints, (sorry, I'm a single mom and a school teacher so my pockets are a bit, eh, shallow.) not all submission will be able to be used, but I will do my best to include as many poems as possible. Most likely I will pick a card that best represents the following concerns:

Black Lives Matter

Climate Control

Dakota Access Pipeline 

Education K-12

Education (Higher)

Immigrant Rights

Labor Rights

LGBT Rights

Refugee Rights

Rent Control

Women's Rights

Veterans Rights / Care


AND we are open to other topics we may have missed in this limited list.