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About Elephants 

1. For every copy purchased $5 will be donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

2. It would be some mad-magic if you were willing to review this collection. I'm happy to send a review pdf to anyone who is interested.

3. About "Elephants"

While attempting to quantify empathy and love, scientists have found that footage of elephant rescues are most likely to inspire such emotions in humans; it seems ironic then that elephants are on the endangered animal list, with a projected extinction date of 2020.

The illustrated poetry chapbook "Elephants" by Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross makes the leap that killing elephants marks the death of humanity. While people may exist without elephants, something of empathy and love dies with these sentinel beings.

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It is a full-color, hand-bound chapbook with a limited print run of 80 copies.
Release Date August: 26 (advanced orders will be shipped on the 25th)

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For this series 12 writers were asked to engage with a call that explored our relationship to Animals. Over the course of 12 months (beginning in June 2017) A new handmade, limited-run, stitch bound, with a linoleum block printed cover will be released. Each chapbook will be $8 including shipping (to anywhere in the United States). A limited number of subscriptions are available at the cost of $70. Proceeds after costs are covered will be split with the writers involved because writers deserve to get paid for their writing. Proceeds after costs are covered will be split with the writers involved because writers deserve to get paid for their writing. 

Throughout one’s existence we encounter many animals whose lives, while so vastly different from our own, parallel ours in so many different ways. Though we can never truly understand them, we find kinship in animals for characteristic traits that we see in ourselves; or look to animals to provide us with something we are missing – be it in the form of a spirit animal, totem, companion, or friend. We all have an affinity to an animal that takes root from something wholly personal and profoundly intimate. This connection is not always something that one gets to choose, and sometimes it is all consuming. From this will result in new and original work of varying genres and approaches that explores the writer’s relationship to a single animal.